Selected as a co-creation company with “Matsumoto Yamaga FC” in “INNOVATION LEAGUE SPORTS BUSINESS BUILD 2022” by the Japan Sports Agency and eiicon company


“INNOVATION LEAGUE SPORTS BUSINESS BUILD 2022” is an open innovation program operated by eiicon company.

It was launched last year with the aim of regional revitalization centered on sports, and has entered its second year this year. Problems such as the declining birthrate, aging population, declining population, and transportation infrastructure that are scattered throughout Japan can be solved by combining them with the potential of sports, and become the seeds of value creation.
In the first year of last year’s event, a total of 12 projects were born in various fields such as virtual, education, tourism, mobility, etc. through co-creation with 11 local sports teams and companies gathered from all over the country. presented new possibilities for




– Social implementation in the towns of Koshinetsu and Hokuriku with the strength of a sense of unity with the region –

In the Koshinetsu/Hokuriku area, Nagano Prefectural Ski Federation (skiing/snowboarding), Shinshu Brave Warriors (basketball), and Matsumoto Yamaga FC (soccer) are soliciting business ideas through co-creation. Six companies selected from a total of 59 applicants through strict selection gathered together to hold “INNOVATION LEAGUE SPORTS BUSINESS BUILD 2022 KOSHINETSU-HOKURIKU”. Two days of intensive brush-up and presentation were conducted, and as a result of screening, co-creation ideas from a total of three companies were adopted.


  • Co-creation of Matsumoto Yamaga FC and DATAFLUCT decided

Matsumoto Yamaga Football Club (Matsumoto Yamaga FC) is a professional soccer club that is a member of the Japan Professional Soccer League.[Future] [Welfare] [GreenPower]We are actively developing hometown activities with three pillars. Matsumoto Yamaga FC, which carries out top-class community contribution activities and social cooperation in the J. I am participating in the program.

With the mission of creating a sustainable society where anyone can use data, DATAFLUCT has developed the “environmental value” distribution platform “becoz” for all stakeholders, including consumers, to participate in carbon neutral initiatives. I’m here. On June 2, 2022, we will provide “becoz wallet,” a CO2 emissions visualization and offset service for individuals, and “SAISON CARD Digital for becoz,” Japan’s first (*2) credit card that can visualize CO2 emissions from payment data. We are actively promoting data utilization projects to realize a sustainable society.

In this program, we proposed an idea that utilizes the concept of visualizing the environmental value of consumers and the environmental household account book developed by “becoz”, and decided to co-create with Matsumoto Yamaga FC. In the future, based on the adopted business idea, we will proceed to incubation and demonstration for social implementation with mentors and supporter companies, and announce the results at DEMODAY (held on March 1, 2023: jointly with all regions). We aim for social implementation and commercialization.

[Proposal contents]

“Matsumoto Yamaga Eco Activity App ‘Zero Carbon Challenge’ Sponsor Plan” with the theme of “Visualizing everyone’s kindness with One Soul, One Heart” linked to Matsumoto Yamaga FC’s key message “One Soul, One Heart” Suggest.

Supporters’ eco-friendly activities and their impact (CO2 reduction), which have not been visualized until now, will be displayed in the app and announced at the stadium where the match will be held to encourage eco-choice. By having clubs and sponsors participate in activities, we aim to create a new form of sports that protects and develops the environment of our beloved hometowns.

  • Reference information: About “becoz”

“becoz” is an environmental value distribution platform for all stakeholders, including consumers, to participate in carbon neutral initiatives.
We will amplify the environmental value of the community by visualizing and distributing the value obtained through environmentally friendly behavior and consumption as becoz coin (local currency) and becoz point (environmental corporate points).

■ “becoz” website

  • About DATAFLUCT Inc.

DATAFLUCT Co., Ltd. is a data business partner that creates new value from buried data and solves social issues with the vision of “data as a business”. We have strengths in “multimodal data utilization” that is not bound by data formats, including unstructured data, and we realize data collection, storage, processing, and analysis all at once.
We also develop our own services that focus on global standard issues such as loss reduction through demand forecasting, sustainable urban planning, and behavioral changes for decarbonization, and everyone can make sustainable decisions by effectively using data. We aim to realize a world in which it is possible to 2019 JAXA venture * certified company.
* A venture company funded and established by JAXA staff that conducts business using the intellectual property and business knowledge of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

Head office location: 1-19-9 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Daiichi Akatsuki Building 6F
Representative: Hayato Kumemura, Representative Director and CEO
Established: January 29, 2019
Phone number: 03-6822-5590 (representative)
Capital (as of the end of May): 1,347,120,000 yen (including capital reserve)
Business description: Provision of multimodal data utilization services (AI/machine learning/big data analysis), corporate DX support

eiicon company supports all companies that take on the challenge of “open innovation” to accelerate their efforts. 25,000 registered companies. Starting with the business matching platform “AUBA” where you can find open innovation partners, “TOMORUBA”, a “business revitalizing media” for business people who create businesses, “SHABERUBA”, a member-only community, and business partner companies. “event” that creates a real meeting place, open innovation challenge support by professional consultants. “Sourcing Support”, with the above 5 axes, we provide services to establish the new business creation method “open innovation” in Japan.

*1 SOIP: A sports policy that aims to realize a society in which new services are created through collaboration between the sports world and other industries.
*2 In-house research (August 2022)

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