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Neumann spoke in slow, easy-to-understand English.
“It’s been a long time since everyone played in the World Cup eight years ago. Nice to meet you all. Joe invited me to watch with him. I heard that Akiyama made a great team.”
Neumann projected the blue misanga on his arm on the screen.
Mizushima was the first to react.
“Ah, the one Oral made for the 2030 World Cup!”
Neumann nodded.
“That’s right. It’s a misanga that Mehmet knitted while in the hospital as a symbol of uniting different blues. It’s a treasure to me.”
Then Akiyama, who was standing in the back of the room, rolled up his jersey arm. The same misanga is wrapped around it.
“It’s a coincidence. I wanted to wear it at the World Cup, so I brought it from Japan.”
Neumann spoke to Akiyama.
“Akiyama, you are a commander who is very much like me. That’s why I contacted Joe and urged him to fly to Japan.It may have been an unnecessary act for you, but it’s because I believed in your power.”
Tamaki looked around the room from the front row. Even players who have never met Neumann are listening.
Neumann continued.
“As expected, Joe’s efforts helped Akiyama acquire management skills in no time. Tactics × management. can change the history of
When Neumann said, “Thank you for your efforts,” Akiyama bowed deeply to the screen.

Joichi is back in front of the screen again. Then Tora and Imazeki appeared from the side, and the three of them joined shoulders.
Jouichi began to speak while his shoulders were crossed.
“Proud tactics, creed, players who keep their friends alive, players who are kept alive, ideal coaches, you have everything the team needs, but there is still something missing to win the championship.”
With Joichi’s signal, the direction of the camera changed and the supporters inside the store were shown. All at once, the Nippon Call erupts.
“Even if only the players and staff are blue, that is not the blue of Japan as a whole. Let’s connect with everyone involved in Japanese football.Japan is Blue!
The moment Joichi shouted, the screen switched to a multi-screen, and the other Obrigado stores were connected live. In addition, the Nippon Call will grow.
Beyond the space, blue energy flows into the room.
“Let’s shoulder each other!”

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