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“niko and…” is a brand that sells fashion items and interior goods. From trendy items to natural designs and neat items that can be used for office casuals, we have a wide range of items, and are gaining popularity regardless of age or gender.

In this article, we will introduce the recommended products of “niko and … (Niko and) tote bag”.

niko and… (U) OR retro gala tote

“niko and… (U) OR Retro Gala Tote” has a cute design with a retro feel. The bright coloring is likely to be an accent for autumn and winter coordination that tends to be heavy. There are 4 types with different patterns based on red and orange, so if you are interested, please check them out.

niko and…(W) OR3PK Marshmallow Tote

“niko and… (W) OR3PK Marshmallow Tote” is a tote bag made of soft marshmallow-like fabric. The main compartment is divided into two front and back sections, so you can organize and store your belongings. This item is easy to match with simple and neat styles.

niko and… 15th Anniversary Niko Logo 2WAY Tote

“niko and… 15th Anniversary Niko Logo 2WAY Tote” is a model commemorating the 15th anniversary of the brand. The long-selling Nikologo 2-way tote bag has a large capacity, is easy to use, and has a simple design. The 15th anniversary model has a wide variety of colors, and depending on the color, there is also a model with the Mincho logo that was used in the past. A tote bag that you will want in different colors.

niko and… (U) OR CT quilted tote

“niko and… (U) OR CT quilted tote” is an item of the outdoor series “CITY CREEK” developed by niko and…. Features a soft quilted fabric. It’s a unisex design, and it’s a convenient tote bag that fits A4 size.

niko and… (W) ORP shishuku tote

“niko and… (W) ORP Shishu Tote” is a large-capacity tote bag that can hold A4 size or 500ml PET bottles. When you close the frontage, it narrows and becomes a drawstring type, so you can use it according to the scene and coordination. Aside from stripes, there are many variations such as floral patterns and checkered patterns.

So far, we have introduced our recommendations for “niko and… (nico and) tote bags”. On the next page, Rakuten Fashion’s “niko and… (niko and) tote bag” ranking TOP 10 is posted!

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