6 Recommended “agnes b. Backpacks” & Top 10 Rakuten Fashion Rankings!Popular nylon bags and models that can store A4 and personal computers that are convenient for commuting[November 2022](1/3) |

Agnes b. is a fashion brand from France that continues to create chic and casual styles that are not bound by trends. We offer a wide variety of items such as apparel, bags, wallets, shoes, watches and perfumes.

In this article, we will introduce recommended products from agnes b.

To b. by agnes b. WT08 SAC nylon backpack

“To b. by agnes b. WT08 SAC nylon backpack” is a nylon backpack with excellent functionality and a design that is easy for women to carry. The main opening is placed at the back, and the back side opens wide, so it is easy to see the inside and put in and take out luggage. The front has a zip pocket, and the interior has a holder for umbrellas and water bottles, and a mesh pocket that allows you to see the contents. In addition, the cushioned pocket can hold a PC or tablet, making it a perfect rucksack for commuting to school.

agnes b. VOYAGE PAS23-08 Backpack

The “agnes b. VOYAGE PAS23-08 Backpack” is a backpack with a charm on the b. plate. We use a high-density finished fabric with a higher number of threads than ordinary nylon twill. The interior is equipped with a bottle holder and a PC pad pocket on the inside of the back torso, making it an easy-to-use rucksack.

agnes b. VOYAGE JS22C-03 Backpack

The “agnes b. VOYAGE JS22C-03 Backpack” is a neat and compact size with a design that blends into neat coordination. The logo parts on the flap give a stylish impression. The side pocket contains a set of coin cases.

agnes b. VOYAGE RAT01-05 backpack

“agnes b. (agnes b.) VOYAGE RAT01-05 backpack” is a backpack with leather parts on the front with the agnes b. logo. We use a 420 denier high-density nylon fabric that is soft to the touch, yet extremely tear-resistant. The leather parts and zipper are the same color, giving it a chic look. It has a size that can fit A4 size and is equipped with a PC pad, so it is recommended for commuting to work or school.

agnes b. VOYAGE PAS13-03 Backpack

“agnes b. VOYAGE PAS13-03” is a compact rucksack that uses color combination double face split leather. The overall rounded silhouette creates an elegant atmosphere. A mature item that goes well with neat fashion.

agnes b. VOYAGE SAS02Z-04 backpack

“agnes b. VOYAGE SAS02Z-04 backpack” is a backpack made of split leather. The round metal plate with an embossed “b.” is impressive. It has a sophisticated and simple look that is easy for adult women to use, and the elegant texture is attractive. The compact size is perfect for daily use.

So far, we have introduced our recommendations for agnes b. backpacks. On the next page, Rakuten Fashion’s “agnes b. rucksack” ranking TOP 10 is posted!

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