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Yokosuka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Division
NTTe-Sports Inc.
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation Kanagawa Division
Telwell East Japan Co., Ltd.

November 24, 2022

Yokosuka City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Division (Chairman: Yasuyuki Morimoto), NTTe-Sports Co., Ltd. (President: Motoharu Harada, hereinafter “NTTe-Sports”), Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation Kanagawa Division (Executive Officer Kanagawa Business Manager: Hironobu Nakanishi, hereinafter “NTT East Japan”) and Telwell East Japan Co., Ltd. (President: Makoto Tani, hereinafter “Telwell East Japan”) will hold next-generation ICT education on November 23 (Wednesday / holiday) An e-sports study session and trial session was held at the facility “Scapia”.


1.Background and purpose of this initiative

Yokosuka City is promoting the development of ICT human resources for young people who will lead the future, the establishment of new sports culture such as e-sports, and the improvement of living convenience for local residents. We also support the establishment of departments.
The Youth Division of the Yokosuka Chamber of Commerce and Industry has also signed a regional partnership agreement with Yokosuka City in order to develop ICT human resources at member companies, understand Generation Z (new graduates), and explore the possibility of utilizing esports as an employee communication tool. With the cooperation of NTT East, NTTe-Sports, and Telwell East Japan, which manages and operates the next-generation ICT educational facility “Scapia” with the theme of “childcare, learning, work, and community”, e-sports study We will be holding a meeting and experience meeting.

2. Overview of e-sports study sessions and trial sessions

(1) Date and time: November 23, 2022 (Wednesday / holiday) 13: 00-16: 00
(2) Venue: Next-generation ICT educational facility “Scapia”

(3) Participants: 23 Yokosuka Chamber of Commerce Youth Group members
(4) Content
[Part]Study session
・”Yokosuka City’s Esports Efforts and Future Goals”
・”Overview of e-sports and market trends”

[Part 2]e-sports experience
・Esports experience of the event (title) recommended by Yokosuka City

external_image external_image

external_image external_image

3. Comments for the future[Participant representative: Masaru Matsuzaki]

“Through this study session and hands-on session, I was able to feel the appeal and potential of esports that young people, such as high school students, are fascinated by. Communication such as conversation and mutual understanding with the members forming the team is necessary,” “It becomes easier to communicate with the members of the opposing team after the game,” and “Communication between spectators while watching the game. I was able to discover what I can do and become passionate about cheering.” And I also realized that the facility environment of Scapia, where the experience session was held, can be used as a place to promote communication in the community.
From these discoveries, I was able to imagine that e-sports can be used as a recreational activity within the company or between companies. I would like to support you as a chamber youth group. ”
Next-generation ICT educational facility “Scapia”

“Promote the growth of children”, “Ensure that children can be left in the care of children”, “Able to take a variety of lessons”, “Able to concentrate on working in the working space”, “Able to hold local community events”, etc. Under the theme of “childcare, learning, work, and community,” various initiatives will be implemented from April 2022 to solve regional issues and realize new child-rearing styles that match the times.

Four.Inquiries from the media regarding this matter

Yokosuka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Division
TEL: 046-823-0402 URL:

NTTe-Sports Corporate Planning Department
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Public Relations Manager, Planning Department, NTT East Kanagawa Division
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Telwell East Japan Corporate Planning Department Public Relations Office
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