TBS x South Korea SBS Group x FNC ENTERTAINMENT, Japan-Korea joint idol band formation project “THE IDOL BAND: BOY’s BATTLE” broadcast date decided

A Japan-Korea joint idol boy band formation project “THE IDOL BAND: BOY’s BATTLE” for the global debut will be broadcast for the first time at 25:58 on December 3rd.

‘THE IDOL BAND’ is an audition program that searches for idol boy bands with the ability and visuals to lead popular music around the world. As producers, 5 active bands from Japan and South Korea directly select and combine members to form a team. Create the best band to capture the hearts of global fans.

SF9’s Rowoon and IZ*ONE’s HKT’s Nako Yabuki will serve as MCs for the program. Also, Korean bands FTISLAND, CNBLUE, N.Flying and Japanese band Kankaku Pierrot, KEYTALK have been decided as producers. In addition, as a special master, Han Seong-ho, who is the representative and general producer of FNC ENTERTAINMENT, the most prestigious idol band in Korea, and the leader and guitarist of Sharan Q, a nationally popular band representing Japan that swept the 90s. Nohatake is scheduled to participate.

Terrestrial broadcasting will start on December 3rd and will be broadcast every Saturday from 25:58 to 26:28. In addition, from December 8th, the audition will be broadcast every Thursday in “Petit Brunch” (every Monday to Thursday at 9:55 am). On the TBS channel of CS broadcasting, broadcasting will start at 25:00 on December 11th, and the first time will be 120 minutes, and from December 18th, a 90-minute expanded version will be broadcast every Sunday. In addition, TVer, TBS FREE, GYAO!, and Yahoo! will start delivering missed episodes after the end of terrestrial broadcasting. In Paravi, in addition to the terrestrial broadcast, the 90-minute version (scheduled to be 120 minutes for the first time) broadcast on CS and TBS channels will also be missed.

◎ Program information
Terrestrial broadcasting starts on Saturday, December 3, 2022 (every Saturday from 25:58 to 26:28)
December 8, 2022 (Thursday) “Petit Brunch” corner broadcast starts (every Monday to Thursday at 9:55 am)
December 11, 2022 (Sun) CS broadcast TBS channel broadcast start (midnight 25:00) *First time 120 minutes
December 3, 2022 (Saturday) Start distribution on TVer, TBS FREE, GYAO!, Yahoo!, Paravi

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